Tamron Vs Nikon 24mm-70mm f2.8

Tamron 2470 f2.8 Vs Nikon 2470 f2.8 G
Many Nikon shooter uses to compare the above two lens. I have brought the Tamron version with my D750 and I am happy with it. It is sharp, fast and reliable. The VC is remarkable, you can see the image is “frozen” when you half-press the shutter. Consider her price tag (~HKD $6k), there is nothing more to ask for.


Tamron 24-70 f2.8, This patch is still made in Japan.

The counterpart, N2470 G version carries Nikon heritage, photos are sharp edge to edge even in wide open. This is not the latest version while the version II has equipped with VR, the drawbacks are substantial increase in price and weight. The G version is selling at HKD $11k in Hong Kong, a reasonable price for a Nikon Gold ring lens.


Nikon 24-70 f2.8G (without VR), Made in Japan

Both lens are incredible, their difference in sharpness after f4.0 is minimal.


Tamron 2470 stop down to f9.0

Overall speaking, Tamron version is a better choice in terms of performance, price, handling, VR and picture quality. However the image quality is still better in Nikon side therefore I finally sell my Tamron.


Nikon 24-70 f2.8G, wide open at f2.8. HDR processed in LR

Is it worth to pay the HKD $5k premium,? Well, that’s your call.

In general, All photos shown in my blog is available for purchase:

USD $9 for medium sized jpg file (5 megapixel approx)
USD $19 for large sized jpg file (20 megapixel approx)
USD $30 for original raw file (e.g. Cr2, ARW, NEF)

Payment via paypal. 
Should you have any inquiry, please send it to omonphotohk@gmail.com  thank you!

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