Sony A99 Mark ii: Hands-on review (with quick test Full sized images)


So excited when I receive a call from dealer and I just pick up my Sony A99ii tonight !!

The Sony A99ii is a game changer, her 42MP Back-Illuminated Sensor, 399+79 AF points, 5 axis in-body stabilization and 4K etc are stunning.

Stock is very limited, luckily I have placed my pre-order soon enough.


The A99ii looks and feels like A77ii with a slight increase in weight and size.


After taking several test shot, I can tell you it is very amazing. The handling and response are instant (like other pro-grade DSLR), AF speed is super fast (especially when compared to my A7RII, sorry). If you are A7RII user or Sony SLT user, you will find the manual and button very similar. So just pick it up and shot, very smooth experience after all.


The quality of A99ii is undoubtful, the only question is “Can it beat the A7RII??” I will do some AB test very soon.


If you are interested, please give us a like and stay tuned. thank you.

Two quick test shots of A99ii


A99ii, Sigma 35mm f1.7 (No PS, totally untouched, converted by Sony IDC)


A99ii, Sigma 35mm f2 (No PS, totally untouched, converted by Sony IDC)


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