ISO invariance test of A99ii from +3EV to -5EV in ISO320 – ISO102400

dsc_0498Once again, this is not a scientific test, just a sharing from a A99ii user. (converted by LR, untouched, no NR processing)

Thanks to the information on dpreview, I can now open the raw file in LR. Apart from testing the high ISO capability, now I can show the iso invariance of A99ii.

I believe these tests have covered quite extensive and extreme scenario which I think are not likely happening in real situation (e.g. ISO102400)

The result? Please share with me your thought. Please follow our blog if you would like to give us some support.

Case 1: ISO800 -4EV(left), compensated (right)

Case 2: ISO1250 -3EV(left), compensated (right)

Case 3: ISO320 -5EV(left), compensated (right)

Case 4: ISO102400 +3EV(left), compensated (right)

I won’t compare it with other Flagship camera, like Nikon D5 or Canon 1DX markii, instead I will pick the counterpart in same level e.g. Canon 5D mark IV.

Trust me, I really want to have a AB test between A7RII and A99ii. I want a fair competition however I can’t setup a studio environment so the test will probably be conducted outdoor. That means it may take some time to arrange…..


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