eagles fighting by Orpheus LAU on

I still remember, my first professional camera is Sony Nex 7 and my photo joinery began in 2012.

I am not, by all means, a professional photographer. Taking pictures is leisure for me, through the lens I can have seen the world in a unique perspective. Although I have spent a lot (money and time) in this hobby, there is no way to compare the rewarding and fulfilling experience that it gives me.

For me, photography is about perspective, skill and feeling. I rather not value gear as a key factor of a great picture. However, the advancement of technology shifts the balance to a new paradigm.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an extreme enthusiastic who wants only 100% untouched, no crop, zero adjustment photo. Like most photographer, I also use post processing software, like LR, to fine-tune my raw pictures. The point is, I create my photo and LR helps me to fine tune it.

playful dogs by Orpheus LAU on

However the software has evolved so successfully and become powerful enough to enable people to “create” a picture from nothing. That said, photographers today are closely bonded with software while camera, lens and most importantly the subject are used to be their partner. Nowadays, technical proficiency in post processing is a must for professional photography which has become an inevitable fast track to create a stunning photo.

Ideally, it should not be mutually exclusive between perspective and post-processing. Unfortunately, reality is far from ideal.


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