Nikon D500 in capturing a running pet

Although Nikon, D500 is an APS-C camera, it has equipped the latest focusing system of the Full-frame flagship D5. Nevertheless, D500 costs much higher than most APS-C camera too. Her price tag is even higher than a full-frame camera D750.

D750 is good and performs well in general. Her AF system is capable enough to capture fast subject however her low fps (6.5) isn’t. Also her buffer size is another limiting factor that hinders her ability to become a 100% reliable speed shooting camera. That said, I am happy with it and I have spent some good time with my D750.

playful dogs by Orpheus LAU on

Just taking some test shots in a dog park. D500 is very smooth and responsive. Her AF is very accurate and 10 fps is high enough not even for me but a sport photojournalist. Using a XQD card, her buffer apparently won’t fill up. D500 is natively designed for someone who needs extraordinary speed.

running dog by Orpheus LAU on

Catch me, if you can

running dog by Orpheus LAU on


Well, D500 is an outstanding gear for those who love shooting sport, wildlife and bird. For me, I finally find the gear to capture my son’s movement…..

D500 is not perfect, no camera is however my user experience is indeed very satisfying. It will be much better, if the price can be lowered bit.


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