Snapshot@Central HK (Batis 85mm)


Central where east meets west. The A7rII and Batis 85mm combo is a perfect combination for snapshot.


The business area of central is mostly occupied by global firm. On the other hand, you can see many classic buildings rooted in Central too. There are plenty example of crossover everywhere.


Lots of featured coffee shop, nice place to spend a whole day.

The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway have become a tourist spot.

Today people are very sensitive to camera. Compared to DSLR, a mirrorless system is less likely to attract attention. The compact size of A7RII+Batis help me to be invisible behind a bunch of  tourist.

DSC04275.jpgEveryone is in a hurry, that’s Hong Kong.


Human and bird are scrambled in this small city, beware (or be careful)


More to be explored.

35mm is believed to be the standardized lens for snapshot. Personally I prefer a tele-lens for street photography while Batis 85mm and Contax G 90mm are my favorites. It keeps me a comfortable distance between the subject.



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