Airplane spotting@25R runway, nice try!

Well, I am lucky enough, runway 25R has been chosen for landing when I visit SkyDeck this time!!

Now, it is close enough for my SAL G 70-200mm f2.8 to give a tight shot.

Sunny day but backlit.

Mostly I use Flexible Spot AF in airplane spotting and the AF performance of A99ii never fails me, over 95% of shot are in focus.

Firstly I think it is from Japan.

But it is not.

A 70-200mm shall do the job however I also bring my 500mm Reflex lens.

Meet the giant A380! This one is taken by 500mm Reflex, no crop, a tight shot !!

According to usual practice, if runway 25R is used for landing, 25L will be chosen for taking off. Only special flight (mostly cargo flight) will arrive in 25L, this will happen several times a day.

This is funny, when we see this plane is about to land via 25L, every photographer in SkyDeck picks his gear and rushes to her side. 25L is far from SkyDeck, therefore I need to use the long reflex lens to take this photo.

The advantage of reflex len is the reach that it gives. This Minolta AF reflex lens is handy, It can let you see clearly the smoke from tire when landing.

What a beautiful sunset

Feels like coming home

In the airport, you can see people are in hurry however it looks so peaceful from SkyDeck. That’s perspective which changes the way we see and think.

The dynamic range of A99ii is impressive especially for scene like this.

I have been staying in SkyDeck for several hours (4pm – 9pm). When the staff reminds me it is about to close and so it’s time for supper.

All photo


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