Building my new PC for Lightroom with Ryzen 7 (Part 3: Overclock and Lightroom performance)


After tons of preparation, comparison and assembly work, the new PC is finally ready. It takes more than a week to solve the hardware, software, drivers and Win10 problems, that’s totally out of my expectation while previous build only takes me only 1-2 days only.

Overclock (OC)

Ryzen 7 1700 has higher performance/price ratio when compared to Ryzen 7 1800x. Tests have shown R7 1700 can be overclocked to 3.9GHZ easily without any heat or stability issue. On the other hand, if you don’t want to overclock and prefer to preserve the default working environment of your CPU, R7 1800x will be a good choice for your.


You can find demonstrations of different OC methodology in youtube and personally I have tired two different methods (1) with BLCK boosted and (2) without boosted BLCK. Per my experience, I can OC my system to 3.9GHz using either method (1) or (2). Finally I opt for method (2), because the RAID Card (PCIe) is not working properly in method (1). Maybe I push the BLCK too high (>110, while default is 100), although it posts successfully, the system cannot recognize my RAID card if BLCK is boosted.

21751602_10155192156854023_8625964188371714171_n (1)

So the system runs at 3.9 GHz and Ram speed is 3200 (dual channel).



As mentioned in previous post, the x370 chip of MB has been equipped with RAID function. I have compared the performance of between (1)RAID by X370, (2)Win10 storage device or software RAID and (3)Independent RAID card. The result shows that an independent RAID card is leading in I/O speed. Therefore a RAID 0 setup (strip) of 3 x 2T HDD= 6T has been built. IMAG1439.jpg

CPU utilization and LR

This build is primarily aimed to increase the efficiency of using LR. Unfortunately Ryzen has been revealed in many tests that it is not LR friendly.  Why?

Well, the answer is unknown !!

However Ryzen user has commonly observed CPU utilization is always below 50% when running LR export.


So, if we can improve the CPU utilization, the LR efficiency should be improved too.

I follow some sharing on the web and it significantly helps to improve the CPU utilization as shown below:

image (9)

Still, LR can’t reach 100% throughout the whole export process but with 8 core-16 thread works at 80% or above is good enough for me.


This new build is not perfect but it does meet my expectation to boost the system performance especially in using LR.

The raise of Ryzen is a good news to photographer who today relies heavily on PC for post processing and file management. Lightroom has announced a new version is coming and beta testing is undergoing. I hope LR can address the speed issue and fine tune the system not only for Intel but AMD platform.

I think this report has come to an end, let’s re-cap some points:

  1. Overclock R7 1700 to 3.9GHz – > improve overall performance
  2. AMD compatible Ram (3200) – > improve CPU infinity fabrics
  3. Choose a mother board with good power supply design – > provide a stable platform for overclocking.
  4. Disable Win10 HPET – >unleash the full potential of CPU
  5. Use independent RAID card – > alleviate the loading of MB chip

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